Pretty Furious Women

Pretty Furious Women
Installation, 4 Digital Posters, 1 Hand Painted Poster, Video

In the past decade in Turkey, violence against women and murders for ‘honor killing’ escalated drastically. According to statistics, five women are murdered each day. People who murder women got remission and are freed after several years in prison. On the other hand, women who defend themselves or kill the perpetrator of violence against them are punished severely—even more so than their male counterparts. To fight against injustice, Turkish women began a new struggle recently, encouraging each other to defend themselves and gain their legal rights of self-defence.
Inspired from this phenomenon Pretty Furious Women project was designed for Jakarta Biennale. For three weeks, I have learned a traditional martial art called Beksi Silat. The learning process is retold in a series of B-movie-styled posters and a 3 minute movie trailler.

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