Video and Sound Installation, 4min.
Treballs Forçats, Canuda- Sala d'Art Jove, Barcelona

Exibition Format: sound installation along a tight, curvy and dark hall, video installation in a dark and small cabin at the end of the hall.
The second piece of the Doublethink project is formed by 10 youtube videos in which the pre-school kids are singing the national anthem memorized by heart. These videos are only a sample of what was uploaded by the proud parents and teachers.
While groping in the dark hall, the audiance will hear the sound of the kids singing the anthem in a pretentious, almost hysterical and overexaggerated way. When at last the room at the end of the hall is reached, the overacted gestures of the kids, their difficulties in memorizing, their artificial tears can be observed in the video, this time in total silence.

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